Easy to use digital platform

Zwypit is a set of slides

Advantages for restaurants

Replacing a physical menu

Zwypit is an easy to use digital platform that fulfill your communication needs in a simple and effective way

Zwypit is a set of slides created by you and shared by a link (QR codes, SMS, email, Whatsapp, social networks, etc.)

Create and edit your slides fast and intuitively through Zwypit platform with different templates available with unique functions and features:

• Fully customizable
• Connection to websites and social networks
• Redirection to any website
• Real-time analytics


Ensures the safety of employees and clients

Replacing a physical menu reduces contact moments and the risk of contagion

Easy share with your customers

The employee only needs to share a link / QR code with customers

Easy access and easy to use

The client accesses via browser in his device without any extra software or application

Does not need a wifi network

Access is made by the customer on his mobile phone

Total security

It is just a link to an Internet site, not interfering with your wifi network (if one exists)

GDPR compliant

No data collection of customers